Friday, August 1, 2008

The Blue Gecko Candle Company's August Newsletter!

Happy August!

We hope you are all managing to survive this scorching summer heat!
In an effort to bring some good out of this miserable sweltering heat, today only, if you type in the coupon code, “Heatstroke”, you will receive 15% off your order! Offer good on purchases made today August 1, 2008 only and expires at midnight MST. Don’t forget about your free tarts! Spend $35 or more (prior to shipping and taxes) and click on the “Freebie” link to get your three free tarts, your choice of scent!

New scents for this month :

*Bellissima Bella
*Forever Alice
*Sugared Raspberry Violets

In honor of the release of Stephenie Meyer's final book in the "Twilight" series, "Breaking Dawn" (which I happen to be ridiculously obsessed with), we are proud to introduce two new fragrances inspired by our favorite characters!

Bellissima Bella: If you’re a fan of the wonderful Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer, this is what we think Bella must smell like to that handsome forbidden fiend of hers ;) Soft floral notes of lavender and freesia are dazzled with fresh cut spruce, sprinkled with luscious sugar crystals and balanced out with just a hint of orange zest; ending with a sweet infusion of juicy summer berries, picked in the deep woods of Forks, Washington. Be warned, may attract Vampires.

Forever Alice: Inspired by the hit novel, “Twilight”, our custom blend, Forever Alice, is named for the premonition having best friend of Bella. Alice is a teenage girl, bubbly sweet, but she also happens to be a vampire, immortally cold..she's forever Alice. Our interpretation of Alice is filled with sweet, sugary cotton candy, innocent creamy vanilla and swirls of gooey caramel; ending with an icy tribute to her cold immortal destiny; minty fresh, frosty cold peppermint. May induce possible premonitions of the future, visions may or may not be reliable.

We’ve also added the delightful fragrance, Sugared Raspberry Violets; sweet summer raspberries are married with soft delicate violets and sprinkled with just a dusting of crystalline sugar.

We are also proud to introduce our new line of Sassy Sink Scents! This isn't your granny's cleaner! This is a sassy, chic, and fabulously fragrant sink freshener, deodorizer, and cleaner! Highly scented, this sink scent is a wonderful way to get rid of that icky odor coming from your drain! Simply fill your sink with hot water, adding 3-4 tablespoons of our cleanser while water is running. Let the water cool, and the steam from the water will infuse your home with an amazing amount of fragrance! Once the water is cool, drain the water and use a sponge to scrub the remaining mixture in the sink. Non drain clogging. Available in all of our body safe scents!

We hope you are all managing to keep cool. We’d also like to remind everyone to burn responsibly! If you’re not sure how to properly burn a candle, be sure to check out our article in the August edition of Candle Corner Magazine!

We hope you are having a wonderful summer! Enjoy those refreshing summer scents, fall is just around the corner (think pumpkin and spices)!

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to stop by!


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